Thursday, 6 March 2014

The Hog Shed

A mishmash of musicians jamming in shed, it doesn’t get better than this—musically speaking. You can have talent defying the four colorbond walls, shaking the foundation and sending the trees into a frenzy or you can have skill the size of my left pinky finger – it doesn’t matter – all and sundry are welcome to get up and let their soul soar through the medium of music.

The atmosphere is electric with plastic chairs and tables under the shade of native trees; buffalo horns mounted on the wall; a fridge with cartoon graffiti; locally speared succulent crayfish cooking on the barbie, drizzled with garlic butter; a gangly-legged dingo pup finding his feet amongst the staid mutts lying about; a makeshift stage as inviting as the last pub stool in the front bar. Perfection. Disharmony in Feng Shui equals harmony in the general air of bonding with and/or playing music.

Bold bluesy numbers reverberate throughout the sandy industrial lot enticing foot tapping and head-bobbing, and a merry sing-a-long, too. Classic tunes are made over and built on for the love of what musicians do and the simple power of music. And just when you think you know all the tracks echoing through the land, a gentle voiced songstress graces the stage with folk inspired renditions of past decades’ best hits. The Beatles’ tunes played solely on a flute and a guitar before someone voluntarily jumps on stage and adds a bit of bass— and why not make it a slap bass, just for the hell of it?

If in Arnhem Land – no, when in Arnhem Land –  you must visit The Hog Shed on a Sunday night; the perfect way to close your weekend and start your week fresh.


  1. I'm almost tapping my foot in time- great evocative description :) Sounds like an awesome night!

  2. Music is the touchstone to language and bridges the differences between cultures. Perhaps you will be my guide to The Hog Shed when I finally make it Down Under.