More mangroves at the nameless beach behind Gunyangara air strip.

Mangroves behind Gunyangara Airstrip.

Mangroves and beach behind Gunyangara Airstrip.

Djmarrkuli (children) spear-fishing off Ski Beach, Gunyangara.

Yolngu boys' favourite beach toy; dead baby shark, Ski Beach, Gunyangara.

Red rocks, Ski Beach, Gunyangara.

Ski Beach, Gunyangara

Left-overs, Ski Beach, Gunyangara.
Ski Beach, Gunyangara.
Rock pools, Ski Beach, Gunyangara.

First light, Ski Beach, Gunyangara.
Sunset, Galuru Beach.

Sunset, Galuru Beach.

Stranded boat, 'Delicious', Causeway, Gunyangara.

'Between Drinks', boat wreck. Causeway, Gunyangara.

Art; rec centre, Yirrkala.

Yolngu street art, Yirrkala.

Driftwood and girls, Galuru Beach.

Driftwood, Galuru Beach.

Galuru Beach; storm brewing.

Shell and flippers of turtle feast.

Turtle caught and cooked, Ski Beach, Gunyangara.

Boat Club-Yatch Club, what have you. Gunyangara.

Fishing behind Rio Tinto refinery.

Causeway fishing; overlooking the Rio Tinto refinery.

Totem display, Gama Festival site.

Three faces of ceremonial totem, Gama Festival site.

4WD off-road defensive driving course; storm cloud brew overhead.

Sunset over the Gove Surf Life Saving Club

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